24 de novembro de 2011

The Wealth of Indignations

It ain’t the beginning
neither the end
We’re on the streets
from Egypt to Japan
Not in need of dome’s opinion
growing everyday - we’re the solution
Since the golden age we’ve screamed
and they call it “cataclysm”
‘Cause we weren’t born to complain,
“how do they dare to question our domain?”

Rising in Arab Spring, non-stopping
don’t wait for the Fall, ‘cause we gonna block it
They wanna prohibit us every single thing
even the water that you drink, maybe the air you’ll breath
health, education and whatever could you think
How long we gonna wait for it,
holding wide-open mouths down the faucet?

School taught us to love capitalism
if we don’t, they hunt us as terrorists
But that’s how democracy works like
accept the fact – forget how to fight
Day by day they gave bread and circuses
embrace us with speeches below the nimbus
They’ve took our microphones, but we have the “mic check!”
don’t be sad, misters: you gonna hear us

The Ghost of Tom Joad is possessing the people
creating the nightmare - you really should fear us
Feel the jam that’s moving and getting bigger
los indignados are pulling the trigger

They laugh at us ‘cause we’re sleeping in the square
call us riff-raff - we’re down, but aren’t rats
Sending black uniform crew – the dialogue is pretty fair
guns and pepper sprays – best argument
Our ammunition is what you have conceded
poverty, hunger, rage and brutality

The rightless power is flowing in Acampadas
when the war is declared they’ll become barricadas
We succeed in occupy Wall Street
we know who it serves and what it seeks
Brick by brick: we gonna tumble it
got radical changes in exchange for it

They keep in charge wearing their masks
surround attacks against riot acts
What ‘bout the right of living: aren’t we humans?
no, forever crawling and begging: “let’s feed the sub-humans!”
That’s why there ain’t conciliation:
dignity can’t be sold in pretty little rations
In class struggle we can take another road
there’s something to unfold
in the conflict we’ve got hope

Hey, masters, we don’t hate the humanity wealth
we just try to see beyond the privileges realm
For long centuries you’ve preserved inequality
the human gene isn’t fucking selfish
Don’t treat social issues as biological
you want us to think that we remain animals
99% – not talking about profits
that explains your media bullshits
why should we trust a simple word of it?

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